The 2021 college football season could mark the dawn of a new era of player empowerment.

According to Stadium reporter Brett McMurphy, the NCAA Council is approving a proposal for 1-time transfers in all sports without having to redshirt a year.  Per McMurphy, the proposal is expected to be approved and would kick in on Aug. 1, 2021.

If this rule passes as expected, the SEC would still need to pass a rule allowing intraconference transfers within the league. The SEC’s decision to allow players like Cade Mays and Joey Gatewood to have immediate eligibility was a one-time rule for the 2020 season.

Student-athletes who wish to transfer and be eligible will need to withdraw from their previous school while being academically eligible, according to Sports Illustrated. Fall and winter student-athletes would have until May 1 to transfer. Spring student-athletes would have until July 1 to notify transferring.

Additionally, the NCAA would not set a limit on the number of athletes that can transfer to a D-I program during the course of a year. However, for now, the NCAA isn’t changing the amount max of 25 added players to a football team in one year.

Yet, per a statement obtained by Sports Illustrated: “The committee agreed to study transfer trends in the sport of football to determine whether future modifications to counter limitations are warranted.”

Overall, there’s bound to be division in the likely event that this proposal passes. Some programs will express concern about the ability to retain their student-athletes, while student-athletes as a whole will feel satisfaction about the newfound freedom.

The one thing for certain is that college football will be forever changed.