Based on a recent release from the NCAA, giving undergraduate student-athletes the right to transfer one time without forcing them to sit out may not happen — at least, not this offseason.

The Division I Board of Directors and Division I Presidential Forum met this week to discuss the one-time waiver request after the NCAA’s Transfer Waiver Working Group recommended that allowing undergraduate student-athletes the opportunity to transfer once without being forced to sit out a season is a rule that should be passed this offseason.

According to the Division I board, now may not be the best time to vote on such a rule change.

Citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, here’s what the Division I board had to say via official NCAA release:

The board agreed to lift the moratorium on transfer legislation for the 2020-21 legislative cycle but recommended to the Council that changes to the waiver process as suggested by the working group are not appropriate at this time. Board members recommended the waiver process be sensitive to student-athlete well-being, especially those impacted by COVID-19 in the interim period.

It should be noted that men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball, men’s ice hockey and football are the only college sports in which players are forced to sit out a year for transferring, all other college sports allows players to transfer immediately and play elsewhere. If you were unaware, these are the sports that generate the most revenue for college athletic programs.

Despite this recommendation for the board of directors, the Division I Council could still vote in favor of passing the transfer rules in May.