With athletes set to be able to profit off of their name, image and likeness rights in multiple states, including some in the SEC, in July, NCAA President Mark Emmert is urging schools to act.

The Associated Press obtained a memo from Emmert sent to the more than 1,200 NCAA schools. According to the AP’s Ralph D. Russo, “Emmert urged members to pass legislation that would make it permissible for the first time for college athletes to earn money off their names, images and likenesses.”

Emmert’s memo comes ahead of upcoming NCAA Division I Council meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“By July, all our athletes should be provided NIL opportunities regardless of the state they happen to live in,” Emmert wrote in the memo, per the AP.

The NCAA has asked Congress for a federal NIL law, but that appears unlikely to be passed before the August recess.

In the memo, Emmert stated he would take action If there no changes to the NCAA rules by July.

“I have directed my staff to create proposals to this end. We will provide more details next week as this approach is reviewed by the NCAA Board of Governors and the divisional governance bodies,” Emmert wrote, per the AP.