Despite a tumultuous week, NCAA president Mark Emmert has received a “vote of confidence” from the NCAA Board of Governors.

Emmert’s leadership has come into question following some inequities that were revealed surrounding the men’s NCAA Tournament in Indiana and the women’s NCAA Tournament in San Antonio.

“I think there’s a clear understanding that the NCAA fell short in San Antonio, but a recognition that the response has been commensurate with the challenge,” Georgetown president Jack DeGioia told the Associated Press. “And now we’ve got important work in front of us that we will need to engage.”

Earlier this week, the AP reports Emmert proposed the NCAA retain a law firm to look into the inequities of men’s and women’s collegiate sports. The Board of Governors approved that decision.

“I think it would be fair to say that Mark took this very, very seriously and all of my conversations with him — we have had several over the last 10 days — at no point did I ever have the sense that he wasn’t engaging this with the greatest seriousness possible,” DeGioia told the AP.

Emmert has also come under fire in recent days for his handling of upcoming Name, Image, Likeness legislation that’s expected to increase over the course of this year.

Both the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments are continuing with the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight this weekend. The men’s title game is on Monday, April 5 while the women’s championship game is on Sunday, April 4.