The 2020 season is quickly approaching, but there are a number of questions that still need to be answered before games take place.

On Tuesday, NCAA president Mark Emmert said he was “very concerned” about fall sports, according to an interview with ESPN’s Heather Dinich.

In the interview, he also said playing fewer games this fall could be helpful, allowing for more time between contests:

“We do get to see what happens when people return to campus,” he told ESPN during an interview that focused on the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic on college sports. “You get to learn a lot from what’s going on with professional sports. We get to see how the testing protocols emerge and how that can be more effective, especially if we can get antigen testing going, for keeping track of the virus on campuses. The fact a delay could provide us with time to do all that could be very, very useful.

“Also, the move to a smaller number of games can be really helpful because you’ve got bigger breaks between games then, and you could provide flexibility around schedules,” he said. ” … If you have to quarantine a team or a big chunk of a team, you’ve got time to do that and you’ve got time to adjust. … I think having fewer contests and doing them over a delayed period of time could be very, very helpful.”

A number of conferences are considering or have already made modifications to their seasons. We’ll see if that continues moving forward.