With state laws regarding student-athletes name, image and likeness rights going into effect on July 1, the NCAA is reportedly close to creating a “bridge” so student-athletes in other states are not left out.

According to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors will meet Thursday to discuss changes to the NCAA’s NIL policy. Under the plan being discussed, schools in states with NIL laws would follow those state laws without penalty. As for schools in states without NIL legislation, here’s how SI describes the NCAA plan:

[S]chools located in states without a statute are granted permission to each create and administer their own NIL policy, as long as they use guiding principles such as prohibiting NIL ventures designed as pay-for-play or recruiting inducements.

Dellenger’s article notes that a similar NIL model was sent to the NCAA recently by commissioners Greg Sankey (SEC), Jim Phillips (ACC), Larry Scott (Pac-12) and three other league executives. Under the plan being discussed Thursday, the NCAA would not be creating any new policies but waiving bylaws that prohibit athletes from profiting from NIL.

On Twitter, Dellenger noted that not everyone is happy with the development: