Good news for college programs and high school athletes alike, the NCAA is expected to let the dead period expire in recruiting. If you are unaware, the dead period is currently set to expire on May 31.

The NCAA Council is set to meet this week to discuss when recruiting can open back up and is expected to favor a June 1 return to on-campus visits.

That’s the latest from Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, citing a source close to the NCAA Council.

During a dead period, coaches cannot hit the road to evaluate or meet with prospects in person. Coaches are allowed to call prospects and interact with them via text, email or social media, but they cannot meet in person. The dead period also does not allow schools to provide transportation for recruits, and even if a prospect finds their way to campus on their own, coaches are not permitted to interact with them or allow the prospect into the football facility.

Once the dead period is lifted, official and unofficial visits can begin immediately in college football.

Several prospects have already issued their upcoming plans to take official visits in June, suggesting that SEC programs are well aware that the dead period will soon be coming to an end.