Netflix is back with Volume 3 of the streaming network’s popular “UNTOLD” documentary series. The same series a year ago included a dive into the catfishing of Manti Te’o while at Notre Dame and the rise and fall of AND1.

This time around, the series will include 2 topics near-and-dear to the hearts of SEC fans. One of the segments will focus on Johnny Manziel’s rise while at Texas A&M while another topic is Urban Meyer’s tenure leading the Florida Gators.

Netflix dropped the trailer for Volume 3 on Tuesday with other segments on boxer Jake Paul and the Balco steroid scandal. “You think you’ve seen something now? You haven’t seen shit yet,” Manziel claims in one clip. “This is going to be Un-F——ing-believable,” Meyer chimes in during another.

Here’s what Netflix had to say about Volume 3:

Viewers are taken on a journey with Jake Paul as he aims to revolutionize the fight world, witness the rise and fall of Johnny Manziel, and delve into the dark web spun by Victor Conte and Balco, entangling top athletes in a steroid controversy. Lastly, the definitive account of the Florida Gators’ astonishing college football journey from 2005 to 2010, featuring Coach Urban Meyer and star players like Tim Tebow, Brandon Siler, and Brandon Spikes, is finally unveiled. Each character-driven story hinges on candid, intimate first-person accounts from those who lived it – to reveal the grit, resilience, heartbreak, triumph, and even humor beneath the sweat.

Here’s the trailer (Warning: same language and scenes are NSFW):