Every NFL offseason, the vast amount of the coverage dedicated to the NFL Draft focuses on the players expected to be taken at the top of the draft.

How many times have you seen a headline discussing Joe Burrow’s interest in Cincinnati or Tua Tagovailoa’s health and his selected draft projection, which are all in the top half of the first round, this offseason?

Those are just a few of the examples this offseason, but the point being, with all the time dedicated to the big-name players available in the draft, we all know those selections will be made in Round 1 and those players will be on NFL rosters for years to come.

The real value of each and every NFL draft comes from the later round prospects, the players very few analysts are discussing at the moment but NFL teams are hoping fall to them later during the selection process. The majority of Super Bowl rosters are built during the meat of the draft, not during the first round.

So which players outside of the first-round locks should fans be focused on the most heading into the 2020 NFL Draft?

According to NFL Media’s draft analyst Bucky Brooks, five players stand out:

  • #1 Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri
  • #2 Lynn Bowden, WR, Kentucky
  • #3 Amik Robertson, CB, LouisianaTech
  • #4 Nick Harris, C, Washington
  • #5 Anthony McFarland, RB, Maryland

There’s no doubt when the initial 2020 NFL Draft grades are handed out, the emphasis will be on the players selected in the first and second round but if your NFL team manages to land a player or two on this list, there’s a good chance they did an outstanding job during the selection process.