Who doesn’t like winning a good bar bet?

Thursday night surely will be produce dozens of opportunities to show how much you know (or don’t know) about SEC football and the NFL Draft.

Everybody wants to sound smarter than their friends. Thanks to this handy guide of NFL Draft tidbits, you’ll be able to.


Did you know: Which team leads the nation with most first-rounders in the past 10 drafts? Obviously, Alabama, with 26. The Tide lead by a wide margin, too. But here’s where you can stump your northern friends: It’s also more than Michigan (4), Michigan State (3), Ohio State (15) and Penn State (3) combined: 25.


Did you know: Arkansas had twice as many first-round picks in the 2008 NFL Draft (2) than it has had since (1, Frank Ragnow, 2018).


Did you know: In the past 10 drafts, Auburn is the only SEC team to have an offensive player selected No. 1 overall and No. 2 overall. QB Cam Newton went No. 1 in 2011, and LT Greg Robinson was No. 2 in 2014.


Did you know: Since Steve Spurrier left, only 2 Gators offensive skill player have been taken within the first 22 picks. (Tim Tebow is not one of them.) Rex Grossman was No. 22 overall in 2003. Percy Harvin was No. 22 overall in 2009. (Tebow was No. 25 overall in 2010.)


Did you know: In the past 10 drafts, Georgia has had 3 RBs go in the first round. That’s more than anybody else in the nation. RBU, indeed.


Did you know: The Wildcats have produced more first-rounders in the past 10 drafts than border rival Indiana (1-0). That gap will grow Thursday when Josh Allen likely becomes the Cats’ first top 10 pick since 2003.


Did you know: LSU has had more top 6 picks in the past 10 drafts than any program in America. The Tigers have produced 6 — and that number could grow Thursday depending on how early Devin White is selected.

Mississippi State

Did you know: Twice, the Bulldogs produced 2 first-rounders in the same draft (1982 and 1996). There is a chance Hail State has 3 go in the first round Thursday night: Montez Sweat, Jeffery Simmons and Johnathan Abram.


Did you know: If Drew Lock is selected in the first round Thursday, he’ll become the 2nd Tigers QB to go that early in the past 10 drafts. Among SEC programs, that would match Texas A&M for most first-round QBs in that span. (Worth noting: both had a 1st-round QB before joining the SEC.)

Ole Miss

Did you know: Only 4 times in NFL Draft history has one team had 2 WRs taken in the same first round. The Rebels could become the fifth if D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown are selected Thursday night. Florida in 1997 and LSU in 2007 are the only SEC teams to do it.

South Carolina

Did you know: Sure Clemson has reclaimed the state and won 2 of the past 3 national championships. But the Gamecocks still have something their rivals don’t: a No. 1 overall pick in their history. Actually, South Carolina has 2 (George Rogers and Jadeveon Clowney). Trevor Lawrence is trending toward become the Tigers’ first No. 1 overall pick, but that won’t be before 2021. Advantage, Gamecocks.


Did you know: The Vols obviously have hit a rough patch. But in the past 25 drafts, they’re the only SEC team that had 2 QBs drafted among the first 5 picks. You know one was Peyton Manning (No. 1, 1998). You might have forgotten about Heath Shuler (No. 3, 1994).

Texas A&M

Did you know: In the past 10 drafts, the Aggies have more top 2 picks than any other program in America. (They have 3. Will they count Kyler Murray, if he goes No. 1 or 2 on Thursday night? If not, Oklahoma can match the Aggies.)


Did you know: Vandy has had 2 first-round picks in the past 13 drafts. No, that’s a lot. But it’s more than Indiana. And Duke. And Kentucky … and a few others.