During the Seattle Seahawks game against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Seattle quarterback Geno Smith approached a referee while he was broadcasting the reason for a penalty. Smith was complaining about an intentional grounding flag that was called on him.

The referee handled the situation well, merely informing Smith that he was speaking to a much larger audience currently: “I’m talking to America here, excuse me.”

The flag came at a pivotal moment in a game that has been close throughout. The Seahawks at the time led the Lions 31-28 late in the fourth quarter, as Smith passed for 259 yards and a touchdown. The Seahawks prevailed in overtime, 37-31.

Smith’s complaints, however, fell on deaf ears in this regard. It makes one wonder how often innocent and comical interactions like this happen amongst players and referees.

The Seahawks scored a touchdown on the drive, and claimed their first lead of the game, 24-21. In fact, Smith picked up the penalty yardage and then some with a 15-yard scramble on the very next play.