One of the biggest topics in the SEC right now is Nick Saban getting elected into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

Comments surfaced this week that Saban made with respect to LSU, too, saying he regretted that he left LSU for the Miami Dolphins.

“If there was one thing professionally that I would do over again, it would’ve been not to leave LSU.”

ESPN’s college football studio trio of Matt Barrie, Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer were discussing Saban’s comments Thursday night, and Palmer went on to say that Saban would have won a whopping eight national titles at LSU.

“I’m going to say he would have eight that he won,” Palmer said on ESPN Thursday night. “Here’s why — think about, alright. Two years with the Dolphins and took two years to build Alabama. So, that’s four years he would have still had at LSU.

“So, the five he’s had at Bama, the one he already had at LSU plus two more.”

Saban has won five national titles at Alabama. He also won one at LSU in 2003, too.

Palmer isn’t way off base here. During those years, he would have had to face Urban Meyer two more years while at Florida, including the 2006 national championship team.