There are increasing discussions about coaching changes happening around the country, including in the SEC. But former Auburn coach and SEC Network analyst Gene Chizik weighed in with his thoughts as a former coach.

Chizik tweeted that fans stopping him in airports this weekend are not going to get their wish because a coaching change is not happening. “Many circumstances behind the scenes NOBODY sees,” he wrote. “Different year, different times.”

The ongoing narrative in the offseason has been that schools are in financial trouble because of the coronavirus pandemic, and that as administrators deal with budget cutbacks and possibly furloughs and layoffs, the optics of buying out a coach with a buyout in the millions of dollars are not ideal.

However, it could come down to big-money boosters who are increasingly frustrated at schools like South Carolina, which has lost three straight games, and Vanderbilt, which is winless. If they are willing to write a check, or otherwise, pool money for the buyout, changes could happen.