By now, you’ve seen the play — North Texas PR Keegan Brewer fielded a punt against Arkansas on Saturday and then… did nothing.

He hadn’t waved for a fair catch, though, so the play was still live. However, no Razorbacks tackled him as he casually walked past the first line of defenders and then took off at full speed.

Many yards later, he arrived in the end zone, finishing the play that thoroughly embarrassed the Hogs:

On Tuesday morning, it was reported that the NCAA was considering a rule change that would close the “loophole” that allowed that play to be successful. However, according to a follow-up report from ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura, that is not the case:

That’s probably for the best, as North Texas’s play wasn’t illegal. It’s up to players to make sure they play until the whistle, so teams need to be on guard for that in the coming weeks.