The SEC has dominated the NFL Draft as it moves into the third day of action, including 6 picks of the first 15 selections in the fourth round to open Saturday’s portion of the draft.

But college football analyst Danny Kanell of SiriusXM, a regular critic of the SEC, said it’s no surprise because of money. Kanell tweeted that the SEC outspends virtually every other Power 5 conference, except for possibly the Big 10.

Through 3 rounds, the SEC had more draft picks (40) than the Big Ten (17), Big 12 (12) and ACC (8) combined. LSU alone had 12 draftees by early Saturday afternoon.

There’s no secret of an ongoing arms race across college football with regular facility upgrades. The SEC often leads the pack, with South Carolina, LSU, Missouri and Georgia among several programs who have projects in the works or recently completed. That accounts for tens of millions of dollars per school.

However, Kanell’s claim of “buying the best players,” will likely draw the more ire from SEC faithful.