The college football landscape has undergone radical changes this offseason. The latest big change, however, could lead to a slowdown of a previously announced change.

With Oklahoma and Texas accepting invitations to join the SEC, many college football fans and media members are expecting to see more conference realignment. The uncertainty of the conference landscape has Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith wanting College Football Playoff expansion to slow down.

“I think the pause button should be hit,” Smith told Yahoo’s Pete Thamel. “We need to evaluate the landscape and what it’s going to look like. We still need to evaluate the 12-team Playoff. We don’t need to rush into that when there’s legitimate concerns that need to be addressed.”

In June, the College Football Playoff working group announced plans for a 12-team field of the six highest-rated conference champions and six at large teams.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey has stated he expects momentum for expansion to continue. Sankey was also on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Friday. When Playoff expansion came up, Sankey made it a point to say that the SEC had not been calling for the expansion from four teams to 12.

“We are not the conference that has been clamoring for playoff expansion. That comes repeatedly from others. We’ve said and I’ve said ‘four is working, has worked and can continue to work,’” Sankey said to Finebaum.