Oklahoma has accepted an invitation to join the SEC. The biggest question is when exactly – 2025 or earlier – the Sooners will start playing conference games as an SEC member. The most fun question might be whether OU fans will take part in the most polarizing SEC tradition, the “S-E-C” chant heard in stadiums around the country.

Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman recently surveyed Oklahoma fans on the S-E-C collecting some entertaining responses. Spoiler alert: Sooners fans aren’t planning on chanting S-E-C.

“I will not take part in chanting ‘S-E-C’ under any circumstances,” Athens, Georgia resident Nathaniel Franco told Carlson. “I have never understood why SEC fans do this. It’s possibly the most irritating thing in college sports.”

Carlson found an amusing tweet of one OU fan saying they will chant S-E-C “When Razorbacks fly.”

Many Oklahoma fans seem to see it as coattail riding:

“That is reserved for the coattail riders who can’t win anything but claim conference superiority due to ‘Bama’s success,” said Baker, the OU alum living in Broken Arrow.

Lifelong OU fan and Shawnee resident Kori Baker said, “I’ve never heard a ‘Big 12’ chant at any athletic function, so why start chanting conference affiliation now? I’ve always found the ‘S-E-C’ chant weird and obnoxious, especially when it’s only three or four schools winning anything.”

“Can you imagine Patriots fans chanting, ‘AFC! AFC! AFC!’ as they’re winning the Super Bowl?” Parody account “Blinkin Riley” tweeted. “Or even weirder, can you imagine the Jets chanting, ‘AFC! AFC! AFC!’ as the Patriots win the Super Bowl?

“I just don’t get it.”

Carlson’s full article, which also looks back at how Arkansas fans handled the chant when the Hogs joined the SEC can be read here.