Watching Katy Perry eat a corn dog while singing “Hotty Toddy” was amusing — for everybody but LSU fans, anyway.

The pop star didn’t say anything offensive or negative about LSU on the video board last Saturday at Ole Miss – but fans from across the country knew she was taking a shot at the visiting team, referring to her infamous “LSU fans smell like corn dogs” remark she made last year on ESPN’s College GameDay show.

Perry’s antics have legs. Earlier this week, a billboard along an interstate in New Orleans showed the final score: Ole Miss 38 with the school logo, LSU 17 accompanied by corn dogs.

So who’s going to up the ante? We all know somebody will. What school can deliver the funniest insult to the visiting team via the video board or PA system without doing it directly?

Surprisingly, the SEC was quiet — at least publicly — about Perry’s jab at LSU.

You know LSU will have something planned for Ole Miss when the Rebels play at Tiger Stadium next year. And who wants to mess with an athletic department that owns its own live tiger with a cage that can be moved in front of the visitors’ entrance tunnel? Or a crowd that prides itself in its fanaticism and craziness?

Katy Perry and Ole Miss — if its athletic department didn’t know what Perry was going to do, they should have expected something in bad taste — crossed the line into bad sportsmanship.

It was funny. It was edgy. But it opens the door to an escalation of taunting and poor sportsmanship. Soon, it will go too far.

Should the home team use stadium media to taunt or ridicule the visiting team?

Of course not. It’s just asking for trouble — in the stands and on the field. That’s why baseball teams aren’t allowed to use music to target opposing players when they come to bat.

Let fans make signs and students make obnoxious chants. Each incident is seen and heard by a small segment of the crowd. PA systems and video boards effect crowds of more than 100,000.

Make no mistake, taunts and insults all part of the game, adding to the spectator experience. But it’s not appropriate for an athletic department to participate.

SEC schools should be above such foolishness.