Paul Finebaum at SEC Media Days watched and listened to coaches and media discuss the major issues facing college football.

During his regular Monday appear on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama, Finebaum was asked about unionization being a topic that has been raised with Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren. As Cole Cubelic introduced the topic, he said it was first reported as Penn State players forming a union, then it was clarified to be an association to represent players’ interests.

How dangerous a path are we potentially walking down with this situation?

“Very dangerous, Cole,” Finebaum said. “What bubbled up and what almost happened at Big Ten Media Days I think is the future of the sport … but we think NIL is an issue and it’s a terrible issue and everybody from Nick Saban on down showed up at Media Days reiterating and regurgitating what they’ve already said. But the biggest issue I think facing college football is the unionization, and once that occurs, the demand for revenue sharing. I think what is about to happen, and I can’t tell you whether it’s this year or next year, or 5 to 10 years from now, is going to make NIL look like nursery school rhymes.”