On Thursday, SEC Network Paul Finebaum made headlines with his comments on the College Football Playoff and chairman Rob Mullens.

Finebaum said Mullens, who serves as Oregon’s athletic director, was “not honest” and was influencing committee members when it came to the Ducks.

On Friday’s show, he took some time to apologize for those statements, saying he also reached out to Mullens and had a great conversation with him (via OregonLive.com):

“I want to address something that occurred here last night; we were having a conversation about the College Football Playoff and about its chairman, Rob Mullens, who is the athletic director at the University of Oregon,” Finebaum said. “I have been critical of the process. I have been critical of the fact that Mr. Mullens is representing Oregon as the athletic director, although officially he’s not representing them as the chairman of the College Football Playoff. I said some things that quite frankly were wrong and inappropriate.

“This morning, on the way over to Athens, I called Rob Mullens out in Oregon and personally apologized to him, telling him that it doesn’t matter what I intended to say, I am responsible for what I said. He was magnanimous in accepting my apology. We both agreed to get together soon and hope to get to know each other better because he could not have been kinder in receiving my call, and I could not have been more incorrect in what I had to say about him last night.”

It sounds like Mullens might be making an appearance on Finebaum’s show in the near future, which would be interesting.