In an article about 2019 schedule superlatives on Tuesday, ESPN’s Chris Low claimed that Clemson “owns the SEC.”

Yes, coach Dabo Swinney has had incredible success against everyone the past few seasons, but as you can imagine, Low’s claims didn’t sit well with SEC Network host Paul Finebaum.

While speaking to on Tuesday, Finebaum compared Nick Saban’s record against SEC teams to Swinney’s and then called the rest of the ACC behind Clemson “a clown show” in very pointed remarks:

“Dabo is 13-5 against SEC teams,” Finebaum said. “Saban is 57-5. Which is more impressive? The SEC is the toughest conference in football. The ACC – outside of Clemson – is a clown show.”

He went on to add that Low should have looked at Clemson’s potential dominance against the SEC in a different way:

“A more intellectual way of approaching this would be to ponder what the record would be if Clemson had to play an SEC schedule with road games at Alabama and LSU opposed to Wake Forest and Boston College,” Finebaum explained.

This year will be an interesting one for Clemson vs. the SEC, as the Tigers play South Carolina and host Texas A&M. They could also theoretically play both Georgia and Alabama (or a team like LSU or Florida or Auburn) in the College Football Playoff this year.

A 4-0 record against SEC competition in one year, including in the title game, would certainly bolster Low’s claim. However, for now, Finebaum makes a good point, too.