Paul Finebaum is on hand in Destin, Florida, for this week’s SEC spring meetings.

The biggest topic of discussion, of course, is the recent war of words between Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban. While many media members are in Florida to see if any additional drama surfaces between the 2 title-winning coaches, Finebaum doesn’t expect any more public fireworks.

But, he said during an appearance on “Get Up” on ESPN on Tuesday morning, he doesn’t think Fisher is ready to give up the fight just yet:

“Jimbo may be moving on and commissioner Sankey may be, but we’re not,” Finebaum said. “There is a large gathering of media down here for one purpose, and that’s to see this show unfold in real time. They will be sitting together in the same room. I am told by an SEC official that it is alphabetical, so they’ll have assigned seats. They will not be sitting next to each other, but it’s almost impossible not to bump into each other. …

“I think with Jimbo Fisher, it is real. He’s a very proud guy. Both he and Nick Saban are from West Virginia and they take things like that very seriously. I think Saban wants to move on. I think Saban will admit privately that he made a mistake. He said something that, in context, was accurate, but it sounded very badly.

“Jimbo Fisher I don’t think wants to move on. His fan base is behind him. He thinks this is a big moment for him. He stood up to the biggest bully. … I don’t think he wants to move on. I think he’ll follow the proper decorum today and tomorrow, but deep down, he likes this fight.”

Will we see more public fighting between Saban and Fisher? We’ll see what comes out of the coaches meetings this week.