The Southeastern Conference has already announced that any players that choose to sit out the upcoming college football season due to concerns regarding their health and safety will be free to do so without any negative repercussions.

Based on what Paul Finebaum recently had to say during his most recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” don’t be surprised if some SEC players take that option in the days and weeks to come.

Following a rash of NFL players deciding to opt-out of the upcoming NFL season, Finebaum was asked to share his take on the uncertainty regarding the upcoming college football season during an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up” on Tuesday.

“I think it’s very tenuous and I think what [ESPN analyst] Dan [Orlovsky] said there is really critical, these young college players are watching to see what the NFL is doing,” Finebaum said on the show. “And as you have reported already today, major players are starting to say, ‘We’re not going through with this.’ And I fully expect, little by little, college football players to start saying the same thing because they are not being treated fairly.

“I don’t care what athletic directors and commissioners and coaches are saying, there are massive reports on these campuses that we are not being told about but that I have heard and most people inside this bubble have heard. I mean, huge numbers – and they’re being disregarded. They’re not following protocols at every school, they’re being fed a line of garbage by the administrators, and I think you’re going to start hearing from players, little by little, about their tremendous concern about this college football season.”

That’s certainly an interesting comment for Finebaum to make, but without any actual numbers thrown out by the SEC Network host, it’s hard to tell how big of an issue campus safety really is for college football players.

For weeks now we’ve heard that college football players are most safe on campus and involved in team activities with supervision, but based on Finebaum’s comments, it doesn’t appear he believes that to be the case at all.