Could Paul Finebaum be considering a move from ESPN?

That’s the latest speculation as The Big Lead is reporting that the SEC Network host recently met with former ESPN boss John Skipper in New York. After leaving ESPN, Skipper was hired by DAZN as executive chairman.

If you are unfamiliar with DAZN, it is a streaming service that features lives sports. Similar to ESPN when it first debuted, the network features live sports from around the world, most notably soccer, and has become one of the biggest international streaming services. After having so much success outside of the US, DAZN continues to search for ways to become more popular in the United States.

If you were unaware, Pat McAfee has a show on DAZN, and according to The Big Lead, Finebaum could be the network’s next target to help bring in the American audience. The site is reporting that Skipper and Finebaum met recently and could be considering joining forces once again:

Finebaum has a relationship with DAZN executive chairman John Skipper, who was his former boss at ESPN. The Big Lead has learned that Finebaum and Skipper had dinner together last month in New York City, and that this is a relationship that goes beyond a former boss and employee staying in touch. Before Skipper’s abrupt departure from ESPN, he was deep in contract negotiations with Finebaum. During the meetings, Skipper expressed Finebaum’s value to ESPN and what he does for the network’s partnership with the SEC. The extension Skipper was working on with Finebaum was centered around a yearly salary that was north of $3 million per year, and could have reached up to $4 million.

According to The Big Lead, Finebaum eventually got a deal from ESPN worth roughly half of what Skipper was willing to pay Finebaum. Finebaum and ESPN have not commented on this story at this time.