Bobby wanted to back his Buckeyes, but Paul Finebaum wasn’t having it.

The SEC Network host pointed out the fact that Ohio State underachieved this season even though the team was loaded with talent and the national championship expectations that naturally come with that.

Bobby in Phoenix, a regular caller on the Paul Finebaum Show who supports the Buckeyes, didn’t appreciate Finebaum’s shot.

“I just wanted to make a comment on what you said earlier about ‘what has Joey Galloway’s school done,’” Bobby said. “(The Buckeyes have) done nothing but won eight national championships and had seven Heisman winners, but apart from that, probably nothing.”

Finebaum brought the focus away from the history Bobby was alluding to and back squarely on the Buckeyes’ disappointing 2015 season.

“Wow, how exciting to hear an Ohio State fan brag about the history of Ohio State,” Finebaum said. “Where were you with the greatest collection of quarterbacks in college football history, a Heisman trophy candidate at running back, nine or 10 first-round draft choices, Joey Bosa and the coach of the century, according to all of the media?

“Where were you this year? Why couldn’t you get motivated to try? There’s no excuse for Ohio State playing the way it played.”

Bobby responded by trying to defend the team’s performance in a last-second loss to Michigan State (forgetting the fact that quarterback Connor Cook didn’t even play in that game), but Finebaum swatted Bobby’s attempts.

“I understand what I saw in Columbus, and I understand what I saw in Dallas,” Finebaum said. “And I’m telling you right now, Alabama would’ve beaten Ohio State more easily than they did against Clemson. Clemson was a better team than Ohio State, better coach and better motivated.

“You had last year to run your mouth and brag about Ohio State. I don’t want hear it anymore. All you did was trash the SEC. All you did was trash Alabama. Do me a favor. Shut up, OK?”

Bobby got Finebaum fired up, and he got burned.