Paul Finebaum and Heather Dinich addressed the latest debate with the College Football Playoff, and it’s what are the chances 2 teams make it in the CFP from either the Big Ten or SEC.

Both concluded on ESPN’s Get Up that the SEC has the better chance both because it has more teams in the mix, and Michigan has an especially weak non-conference schedule.

“Definitely the SEC because you have Tennessee sitting there on the bubble, they have a great chance to get in this thing even without winning their division,” Dinich said. “But you’ve also got LSU and Georgia in the mix. In the B1G, Michigan’s strength of schedule is literally the worst of any of the top contenders, I want to say its 86th, and that has been an issue in the committee room. Ohio State has a slight edge over Michigan… the difference is they played Notre Dame. The B1G would need ultimate chaos to happen.”

Finebaum explained his perspective.

“I think it’s pretty good if a couple things happen (for the SEC) because they have so many combinations. They have the LSU combination, beating Georgia. Georgia would be automatic undefeated and with the resume,” he said. “Tennessee has a case as well with a 27-point win at LSU and of course the win over Alabama.”