Paul Finebaum made his regular appearance on WJOX on Monday morning, and addressed the topic of an ACC school the SEC should target if the league expands further.

“I would go for North Carolina first, because they really hit a lot of different boxes,” Finebaum said. “For one, they are the dominant university in one of the 10 or 11 largest states in the country. That doesn’t matter as much as it used to from a television footprint. But they do cover a lot there. They have a respectable football program, they have an elite basketball program, which I don’t think, again, is driving anyone other than a few out west. They just bring a lot to the table overall.”

After the Tar Heels, Finebaum pointed to a debate between Miami, Florida State and Clemson, but the Tigers don’t bring that much. For starters, Clemson doesn’t add anything from a geographical footprint because South Carolina also offers that.

Finebaum said the Seminoles aren’t as attractive as they think they are, and offer a similar geographic case as Clemson. That leaves Miami, and Finebaum explained that it’s not only an important part of the country, but most importantly it’s populated, too.