We are now several days removed from the Big Ten’s decision to prematurely cancel the fall football season, and yet, the criticisms of the league’s commissioner continue to pile up.

If you missed it on Wednesday, Kevin Warren issued a lengthy statement outlining the reasons the Big Ten made its decision to cancel all fall sports. Why that didn’t come out immediately remains unclear but it came after Warren held a press conference and dodged all questions regarding the cancelation that were asked of him.

Well, Paul Finebaum has read the statement and in his most recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” the SEC Network host was eager to call out the poor job Warren has done leading the Big Ten in recent days.

“It’s too late, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, and while I respect Kevin Warren and know him moderately well, he’s proving to be a rookie in the biggest moment in his career – and the biggest moment in college football’s existence, and he continues to fail,” Finebaum said on the show. “To say, ‘I wish I could do it over again,’ that’s like running a stop sign during your driver’s ed test. Come on. I mean, he flat out blew it.

“Now, I’m not saying he blew the decision, we don’t know yet whether that’s the right decision or not, but he has stumbled around, he still can’t get it right. He issued a statement, and now he’s not sure whether he can meet with parents, I mean how tone-deaf can you be?”

That’s what many around the country are wondering, and as Finebaum referenced, Warren now has to deal with parents of Big Ten football players rallying at the league’s headquarters to demand answers.

Good luck with that.