Paul Finebaum had a strong reaction to what he called “fake outrage” after Florida State was left out of the College Football Playoff on Sunday.

The Noles became the first-ever undefeated power-5 team to be left out of the Playoff. A pair of one-loss teams in Texas and Alabama made it into the top 4 over the Noles. The choice to leave FSU out of the top 4 has been heavily-scrutinized by fans, media and Florida State administrators since it became official.

According to Finebaum, the CFP selection committee made the correct decision.

“Can we all just stop with the fake outrage from the Florida State AD and the president?” Finebaum said on ‘Get Up’ on Monday. “I get the coach. I get the players. But the rest of the people just need to shut up already. This is college football. It is not a perfect system.

“We have controversy every year. It helps fuel and is what makes the sport great.”

Instead of advancing to the Playoff, Florida State will take its 13-0 record and face off against Georgia in the Orange Bowl to cap off the 2023 season. The Bulldogs had won 29 games in a row before losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.