Paul Finebaum is a major voice of college football on ESPN, and he joins SportsCenter every Sunday morning to rank the top teams.

This week, following an exciting Week 12, Finebaum shared his thoughts on how the top 4 of the upcoming College Football Playoff rankings might look.

As you can see below, Finebaum ranked the teams 4-1, starting with undefeated Cincinnati:

4. Cincinnati Bearcats: “Yes, they are in the top 4, and I think they will be that way Tuesday night for the first time ever. They deserve it. They played very well, while other teams have been crashing and burning.”

3. Alabama Crimson Tide: “At No. 3 Alabama. They were No. 2 last week. They used to be No. 1. It was a suboptimal performance against Arkansas. They were threatened. It came down to an onside kick late in the game, but the Tide have Auburn and Georgia next.”

2. Ohio State Buckeyes: “Yes, that Oregon game no longer matters. You won the big stage yesterday, big time. It was an unbelievable win for the Buckeyes. They go to Ann Arbor this weekend.”

1. Georgia Bulldogs: “It’s been Georgia since mid-season. When the Bulldogs are letting defensive linemen run in for touchdowns, you know they’re in great shape.”

Will Finebaum be proven right when the CFP rankings are released on Tuesday night?