Paul Finebaum joins SportsCenter on ESPN every Sunday to break down the previous day’s college football action.

This week, he ranked his top 4 teams in the country, and he had 2 SEC teams among the Playoff contenders once again.

As you can see below, he has Georgia at No. 1 and Alabama back in his top 4 at No. 4:

1. Georgia Bulldogs: “If somebody has an argument with this, I’m not listening. The Georgia Bulldogs are indisputably the No. 1 team in the country. They mowed down a very good Kentucky Wildcat team.”

2. Cincinnati Bearcats: “Are you ready for this? Cincinnati. Their schedule isn’t great but they are blowing past a lot of teams.”

3. Oklahoma Sooners: “Welcome back Oklahoma. Caleb Williams is going to be in the Heisman race one of these days very soon.”

4. Alabama Crimson Tide: “We begin with former No. 1 and now currently No. 4 Alabama. They were quite good last night in Starkville, and that’s exactly what Nick Saban expected. Defensively, they shut down a very good team in Mississippi State.”

The Coaches and AP Polls will come out later on Sunday afternoon, so we’ll see if voters agree with Finebaum’s ranking.

For now, though, it’s tough to deny that these 4 teams appear to be the best in the nation.