Paul Finebaum and the rest of the college football world just witnessed a wild Week 10 of games, with No. 3 Michigan State losing and other top teams looking lackluster.

This Tuesday will mark only the second College Football Playoff rankings of the season, but they’ll already have some major changes in the top 10.

On SportsCenter on Sunday morning, the SEC Network host ranked his new top teams in the country:

4. Oregon Ducks: “Oregon is No. 4. Some will say, ‘Shouldn’t they be higher?’ I don’t think so. They have a terrible loss. That Stanford loss is getting uglier by the week with Stanford crashing and burning.”

3. Ohio State Buckeyes: “Ohio State wasn’t great either yesterday, but I can say that about everybody I’m getting ready to talk about with once exception (Georgia). They got by Nebraska on the road, and they have some big, big games left with Michigan State and obviously Michigan.”

2. Alabama Crimson Tide: “Bama at No. 2. Well, they probably should have been knocked down, but where were they going? Everybody else looked pretty bad as well. Alabama is very vulnerable at No. 2, but when they play well, they look very good.”

1.Georgia Bulldogs: “And speaking of No. 1 — if you think somebody else is No. 1, we’ll send you to another country, because Georgia is unanimous. Nobody can top Georgia.”

Team to file away at No. 5: Oklahoma Sooners: “They didn’t play over the weekend. They have some huge games coming up, and they will be heard from before it’s over.”

Is that what the top 4 will look like this week? We’ll find out on Tuesday night between games of the Champions Classic basketball event.