Paul Finebaum knows the Heisman Trophy is, more often than not, a quarterback’s award to win.

It takes a Herculean effort, like Alabama WR DeVonta Smith in 2020, to take the prestigious trophy away from a quarterback in today’s college football.

On Sunday morning’s edition of “SportsCenter” on ESPN, Finebaum ranked his top 5 Heisman contenders. It should come as no surprise that the top 4 players were quarterbacks:

4. Caleb Williams, Oklahoma: “I start with somebody who wasn’t starting a few weeks ago because the person at the No. 1 position was the Heisman favorite (Spencer Rattler). Rattler is now on the bench, and Caleb Williams is now leading Oklahoma’s possible Playoff berth. They make every game look excruciatingly difficult, but he is doing so well.”

3. CJ Stroud, Ohio State: “CJ Stroud may have a little competition from one of his back mates (TreyVeon Henderson), but he has been really brilliant. The big part of the Big Ten schedule is coming up for Ohio State.”

2. Bryce Young, Alabama: “Bryce Young was really good last night. It was a tough game, as Alabama only led by one score early in the third quarter, but Bryce Young finally got on track and finally led the Crimson Tide to a 28-point victory.”

1. Matt Corral, Ole Miss: “Some say it was a pedestrian performance for him yesterday, but that was because he was so beat up from the week before. He didn’t try quite as much as he’d done the week before in Neyland Stadium. He is the favorite right now.”

For those keeping track at home, that’s 4 quarterbacks for Finebaum in his top 4. He did name Georgia DT Jordan Davis as a player to file away moving forward, though.

We’ll see if Davis can break into the top 4 eventually, or if the quarterbacks continue to rule the day.