Jimbo Fisher had the college football world talking this week. While speaking to the Houston Touchdown Club, Fisher was asked about beating Alabama. The questioner implied needing Nick Saban to retire and Fisher replied that Texas A&M would “beat his ass” while Saban was still coach.

Fisher was also plenty complimentary of Saban’s program but the “beat his ass” comment got all the attention. While some think Fisher has made a grave mistake in giving his former boss extra motivation when they meet in 2021, Paul Finebaum saw nothing wrong with Fisher’s answer.

“Well, I think Jimbo Fisher is smarter than all of us,” Finebaum said during a recent ESPN appearance. “I’ve heard all the commentators up and down the dial say, ‘Oh, that was stupid. Don’t poke the bear.’ What difference does it make? Jimbo Fisher has met Nick Saban four times as a head coach — one at FSU, three at A&M. He’s lost by 23 points. What’s Saban going to say? ‘Well, I’m going to beat him by twice that.’ Well, I mean, that’s absurd.

“And don’t forget something else — Jimbo Fisher is paid… has got a $75 million contract and he’s speaking in Texas where he works. You don’t go up to the podium in Houston, Texas, with your head down and your tail tucked and say, ‘No, we can’t beat old coach Nick Saban.’ No, you say exactly what he said. He has already won in this round.”

Finebaum is sure to be asked more about Fisher’s quote in the time between now and the Oct. 9 game in College Station.

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