Paul Finebaum not only sees the possibility of 3 SEC teams making the College Football Playoff, he could raise the idea of 4 teams.

That’s how he reacted during a segment on ESPN’s “Get Up” with Heather Dinich and Mike Greenberg

“I think ultimately Tennessee gets left out if they don’t get to the championship game,” Finebaum said. “There are so many combinations, but SEC fans are jumping up and down. I also realize there’s a few fans up north. Don’t forget that game Alabama has with Ole Miss that really could be a decider for Nick Saban’s season.”

Dinich then pointed out the Playoff selection committee’s protocol about tiebreakers relating to conference championships, and that would eliminate the loser of the Tennessee-Georgia game.

As for Alabama, Finebaum noted that the penalty situation is getting worse, as the Crimson Tide had 15 penalties against Texas, and 17 against Tennessee. Finebaum said he figured Nick Saban was in touch with the SEC office this week about the penalties.

According to ESPN, Georgia has a 71% change of making the Playoff, while Alabama is at 53% and Tennessee at 49%.