Paul Finebaum joined the chorus of those who have reacted to the news of Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC a year earlier than expected.

“I think it lifts a veil of uneasiness that’s existed quite frankly since the announcement came out a year and a half ago,” Finebaum said on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX in Birmingham, Alabama. “I read it in the commissioner’s face the other day, I mean he was relieved because this was obviously not easy.”

Finebaum then moved to the impact of the move overall.

“I think when the news broke, it was one of the greatest moments in Southeastern Conference history,” Finebaum said. “Because we’re finally moving forward, this thing could not go in 2025, for many, many reasons. No. 1 it was just simply too long a wait. And secondly, with the Big Ten making its move next year, and the Big 12 making its move this year, the SEC had to have closure on this, and I think all fans ought to be rejoicing with this news.”

About further expansion, Finebaum said he believes SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is happy with where the SEC stands.

However, Finebaum believes “someone will make a move” and it’ll likely be the Big Ten, once the conference has a new commissioner. The SEC, meanwhile, doesn’t need to make a move.

“This league with Texas and Oklahoma is fantastic,” Finebaum said. “Outside of Notre Dame, which we always talk about, show me one other college program in America that would seriously affect the overall well being and value of the SEC, and I’ll wait, somebody please let me know.”