New reports and information continue to fly in following a busy weekend of news in the world of college sports but the latest from Paul Finebaum should offer some hope to all of us SEC fanatics out there.

While noting the seriousness of the situation following reports that both the Big Ten and the Pac-12 plan to cancel their season — something Dan Patrick reported after speaking with a source with knowledge of the situation, Finebaum shared the latest information he has on the SEC’s plan during his latest appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up” on Monday morning.

“As far as pushback, yes there is plenty of pushback,” Finebaum said on the show. “I talked to an SEC source yesterday who said, ‘We’re still planning on playing. We have our schedule release coming up in a couple of days.’

“Remember, Friday night the SEC released the two additional conference games, so it just shows the incredible disconnect that we’ve talked about for three months, that is now mushroomed and has literally put everything on edge. As someone else told me early this morning, the college football season is not dead, it’s just on life support right now.”

That’s certainly ominous but it’s interesting that Finebaum and Patrick are essentially reporting the same information, which gives further creditability to both of their reports.

While some may be leaning toward pulling out for the upcoming college football season, the SEC continues to work hard to ensure some college football can be played in the fall.