The Iron Bowl is upon us, and despite the contrasting seasons the teams have had, the 83rd edition of the game is worth talking about.

Paul Finebaum kicked off the discussion as Alabama is set for the SEC Championship Game and its position in the College Football Playoff. Auburn hopes to get back-to-back wins in the series for the first time 2006-07.

Finebaum was asked on his weekly appearance on Birmingham-based 94.5 FM radio station WJOX about if he’s seen anything to give Auburn a chance, after the Tigers opened as 24-point underdogs.

“I haven’t seen anything,” he said. “This is the time of year when you make blanket statements. No one has to remind any of the four people on this conversation that upsets have happened. I know some will point to halftime on Saturday, but everyone knows what that was about. Despite what Nick Saban had said all week, his players know where they are in the season, and that was a team that was difficult to get ready for, and they probably didn’t get ready for them. That’s why they struggled early on and didn’t look very good, but that will change this weekend, and obviously next weekend because next week’s game is more important. I think everyone knows that.”

Even though he called it the greatest rivalry in sports, Finebaum said he doesn’t see a great game ahead.

“I have seen this movie many, many times before,” he said. “It will be interesting for a while.”

Finebaum thanked listeners for their love and reaction and prayers following the sudden death of long-time Finebaum show listener and caller Tammy Bullard. Finebaum said she represented the “every woman, every man” fan.

“What has overwhelmed me is the reaction from listeners to JOX and everyone else who has gotten to know her,” Finebaum said. “I really thought Friday was the saddest day in our show’s history. It was just so shocking and so hard to believe and so heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking to listen to people who knew her and had never met her, but only had heard her through this station and others.”