Many college football observers have debated how Texas will fair in the SEC. The Longhorns, after all, haven’t been particularly dominant in the Big 12 (as Steve Spurrier likes to point out).

Paul Finebaum recently shared an interesting take on the topic when he visited the On Second Thought podcast. Finebaum shared that while he had “written off” the Longhorns in the Big 12, he expects them to do well in the SEC. Here’s what Finebaum had to say on the podcast (via 247Sports):

“I just may be still hungover, but I think it does (work). There’s no logical reason … sometimes you just have to do something dramatic. I think this is a nuclear bomb going off for Texas. I’m thrilled with it. To keep swimming in the waters in the Big 12 — even when you were good — there isn’t as much of a sum gain. Now you’re in the best. And now Texas finally has a little attitude back. They are a difference maker. I’m not here to be dismissive of OU. Their resume speaks for itself. But Texas is so big and so mighty … I’ve written them off in the Big 12, but I’m not writing them off in the SEC. I think they can do quite well.”

As of right now, Texas isn’t set expected to play as an SEC team until 2025, but many expect the move will be made earlier. We’ll see when we can put Finebaum’s prediction to the test.