How does Mark Emmert still have his job following the recent Supreme Court ruling that obliterated the NCAA’s credibility in the nation’s highest court?

That’s something Paul Finebaum struggles to answer.

The NCAA president not only hasn’t been punished for leading the NCAA down this path, the organization recently extended his contract.

That’s something Finebaum couldn’t get over during a recent appearance on ESPN program “Get Up” this week.

“Really think about this, this is the first time the Supreme Court has heard a case involving college athletics since 1985 when they shattered the television model as we currently have – or the one that we used to have and opened the door for what we’re doing now,” Finebaum said on the show. “So it’s very, very important… The reason why those presidents in that room ought to be having a heart attack is because they just rehired the man who led this organization to slaughter — and that is Mark Emmert.

“I mean I’m done talking about Mark Emmert in terms of his competence, that that’s no longer the case. But if the NCAA allows him to continue it’s mind-boggling. And they just gave him an extension! Any other CEO in America would have been fired the moment that ruling came out yesterday but Mark Emmert got a six-year extension.”

Hard to argue with anything said there by Finebaum.