Peyton and Eli Mannning have enjoyed success during their “ManningCast” alternate broadcast of Monday Night Football games, and now ESPN may have to fight off a competitor to keep them.

ESPN’s three-year deal with Omaha Productions is up after the 2023 season, and Amazon is eyeing the Mannings for an alternate telecast of “Thursday Night Football,” according to a report from Front Office Sports.

The Mannings are contracted to call 10 alternate “Monday Night Football” telecasts each season from 2021-2023. The report suggested that as usual in talent situations, ESPN would probably get an exclusive window to renew its deal with the Mannings before Omaha opens talks with other suitors. The talks are expected to kick off sometime in 2022.

Andy Jassy, the new president and chief executive officer of Amazon, is a “huge sports fan” noted one sports TV executive. With 2020 sales of $386 billion, Amazon could pay whatever it takes to land the brothers as it takes over exclusive national coverage of TNF in 2022.