Phil Steele’s college football preview has become a must own for college football fans every year. He boasts the most accurate predictions of any of the preview magazines. His statistical models seem to have the college football season pegged down pretty well.

They are at least an interesting way at looking at the game and how teams perform.

His computer model issues a grade for how each game is played and, with bowl season now over, he unveiled the most impressive bowl performances of the bowl season. And the SEC was very, very good.

Seven of the SEC’s eight winners showed up in the top 13 bowl performances for this bowl season.

The best team performance came from Alabama over Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl Classic. It was the third most impressive bowl performance of the bowl season.

Mississippi State’s Belk Bowl win over Louisville was the sixth best team performance followed by Ole Miss’ Sugar Bowl win (seventh), LSU’s Texas Bowl win (ninth), Auburn’s Birmingham Bowl win (11th), Arkansas’ Liberty Bowl win (12th) and Tennessee’s Outback Bowl win (13th).

The SEC not only cleaned house with a record eight bowl wins, but the teams did it in very impressive fashion. It was pure domination.

There is, of course, one game left. And Clemson is coming off a team performance better than all those teams, according to Steele.

Clemson’s win over Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl was the second best team performance in a bowl game, according to Steele. That sets up two teams playing very well — Clemson and Alabama — for the national championship.

The best team bowl performance came from Boise State blowing out Northern Illinois 55-7 in the Poinsettia Bowl.