Reggis Ball, a Memphis senior defensive back, practically attacked an Auburn equipment manager to steal a game ball after the Birmingham Bowl.

Memphis lost, 31-10, but Ball returned an interception for his team’s only touchdown. After the game, things got ugly when he practically accosted an Auburn staff member, stole the ball and then taunted the team’s personnel and fans.

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The University of Memphis responded by symbolically kicking Ball off the team, even though he has exhausted his eligibility.

So how did Ball respond? Apparently by signing the football and posting a picture of it on his Instagram account.

5⃣&6⃣ #RANOFFONDAPLUGTWICE @matakevich_8 I caught up.

A photo posted by @ballhead39 on

Ball is the younger brother of former Georgia Tech quarterback Reggie Ball, who did not approve of his post-game antics.

The Memphis defensive back also posted a video of himself celebrating the touchdown, along with a message to his fans. Presented without comment:

RAN OFF ON DA PLUG TWICE!!! #MYBALL A video posted by @ballhead39 on

According to the Ledger-Enquirer, Ball has pulled this stunt before.

“Members of Auburn’s equipment staff were alerted Ball tries to steal a football from opposing teams after the game every time he gets an interception.