Fourth College Football Playoff Top 25 rankings released

The fourth College Football Playoff rankings for the 2019 season have just been revealed.

The College Football Playoff committee’s updated top 25 was just revealed during a live telecast on ESPN.

The updated 2019 College Football Playoff rankings

#1 Ohio State (up 1)
#2 LSU (down 1)
#3 Clemson
#4 Georgia
#5 Alabama
#6 Utah
#7 Oklahoma (up 2)
#8 Minnesota (up 2)
#9 Baylor (up 5)
#10 Penn State (down 2)
#11 Florida
#12 Wisconsin
#13 Michigan
#14 Oregon (down 8)
#15 Auburn
#16 Notre Dame
#17 Iowa
#18 Memphis
#19 Cincinnati
#20 Boise State
#21 Oklahoma State
#22 USC (up 1)
#23 Iowa State (down 1)
#24 Virgina Tech (not ranked last week)
#25 Appalachian State (down 1)

Tonight’s rankings are the fourth of six rankings that will determine the next College Football Playoff. The sixth and final ranking is set to occur on Sunday, Dec. 8 following conference championship weekend.

Here is the upcoming CFP rankings release schedule, all times listed are eastern time:

  • 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 3
  • 12-4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 8 

This season’s Playoff Semifinals will take place Saturday, December 28, 2019, at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl and Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. The College Football Playoff National Championship will be Monday, January 13, 2020, at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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  • 1) The only criteria I think of for bumping OSU above LSU is their defense that has complemented their offense much better throughout the season. That being said, I think it’s a pretty stupid move and it has big implications on who plays Clemson in the semifinal.

    2) They moved up Baylor pretty darn far for beating a decidedly mediocre Texas team, and I think that coupled with their significant drop of Oregon indicates that they’re still willing to give Oklahoma a chance at jumping Alabama for the fourth spot if LSU beats UGA and Bama doesn’t absolutely blast Auburn.

    • I agree. I think Oklahoma and Utah are both set up to jump Bama if they win out and hold a conference title. Not sure the same could be said for Baylor. Bama fans need to pray Baylor and Oregon win their CCGs.

      Although, tbh I’m not sure I’d be so eager to play Ohio State in the first round.

      • You are forgetting OSU usually stumbles somewhere. Could be Michigan or In the B1GCG. Lots of strange things need to happen. But more importantly is Bama has to make a big statement this weekend.

        • I watched the interview with the Committee Chair on ESPN following the rankings. One phrase he used over and over with respect to justifying where certain teams were ranked:

          Victories over ranked opponents

          If you are Bama, this is problematic.

        • i could see ohio st stumbling in Ann Arbor but not to wisconsin or the gophers. bama needs to crush auburn with a vengeance this week to have a prayer at #4

        • You can only play who is on your schedule. If they aren’t ranked and your schedule is top 35, it is tough to hold it against Bama. I think the committee looks at the top 25, and says who would Bama struggle against. That is the 4 teams ahead of Alabama.

        • Ohio St can lose a game and still get in over Alabama.

        • I doubt they’d hold the SEC schedule against them if they scheduled any sort of team out of conference. Even a Miami or FSU. But come on…Bad FCS schools in November?

    • That’s exactly why they made OSU #1. They are in the top five statistically for both offense and defense.

      As is Clemson BTW.

      • Actually, to be exact, OSU is 1st in Total Defense, and “dropped” to 6th in Total Offense (after the PSU game).

        Clemson is 2nd in Total Defense and 3rd in Total Offense.

        • Who has Clemson played though? I’d argue same for Ohio State.

        • Well geez, seems like the cards are stacked in Clemson’s favor to be statistically the best every year. Who was going to give you trouble, GT, Cuse, BC, UNC…wait. They did. Thats right. I mean I guess you can say you beat them, but it sure wasn’t a Clemson statement win, against a sub .500 team, Yikes.

        • A little sensitive are we? Over a simple data point provided.

          Not every team can play such an imposing schedule like Bama had this year.

        • Every year is cupcake year for Clemson. By far the easiest schedule among the Playoff teams for the past several years. And struggled against a UNC who should have never been on the field with Clemson. Guess that’s why we play the games right?

          I think Lawerence came out as a very talented QB, had some great games, beat the crap out of Bama, and now here we are. They always level out.

      • Interesting you say that. Clemson has played multiple SEC teams each of the last few years: Auburn, TAM, SC, Bama. Have you checked what their record is in those game?

        • Maybe one day you’ll get an opportunity to join a football conference. Until then, pipe down and stroll in to the playoff like you do every year.

        • Oh yeah, and enjoy Dabo while you have him. That cat is Built by Bama, Alabama breed and will be coming home.

        • Playing one team a year is much different than a whole schedule of sec teams, let’s be honest here. Clemson is and has been a good team, but let’s put them in the sec grind and see how they do. Would be interesting.

        • That’s the excuse du jour that has been in play over the last year.

          Clemson has been playing three SEC teams each year. And for the last year four years, that includes a couple of top SEC teams (Auburn and TAM) that have been scheduled at the beginning of the season, before the alleged “SEC grind” has even begun. Didn’t seem to make any difference in the outcome when these SEC powers were still fresh.

          Also, the SEC “grind” doesn’t seem to effect Bama against any teams in the postseason playoffs, except for when they play Clemson.

        • Everyone outside of Clemson acknowledges that Clemson has by far the weakest schedule of any playoff team. By far. Don’t be a clown show and taught beating Auburn and Texas A&M only. Play LSU, Bama, Auburn, Texas A&N, Georgia in a SECCG, then we can talk.

  • Looks like committee wants to reward conf champs this year. Utah or Ok will get in if they win. Bama may not even if they beat brakes off Auburn which I don’t see happening.

  • I think it was Herbstreit that said that they have a lot of respect for Penn St and thats why they did not move down too much, Baylor got that jump because of them beating Texas (which isn’t a trophy win) and the committee still respecting the horns. I see his logic and im ok with it.

    the real issue is will they value a Utah team with a win over the Ducks over OU/baylor winner over the other? I think this is for the 4th spot as i see lsu beating uga (i am a homer tho :) and bama probably wont make it over a conference champ. in terms of drama they are setting themselves up for a lot of arguing when the playoff rolls around.

    i dont have too much of an issue with OSU over LSU, it gives us more motivation (u win by 36 and thats not enough) and we need that one spot to get away from Clemson (although someone said if u want to be #1 u shouldn’t be scared of anyone which i 100% agree)

  • If Georgia can win out then field looks set. All this talk is about if we lose. I’m not so sure we will lose.

  • in terms of games what a slate this week tho…
    #8 Minnesota vs 12 Wisconsin
    OSU vs Mich
    OkSt vs OU
    UA vs Aub
    memphis vs cincy
    lot of statements this week and next…

  • I tell you what. Nobody is giving Georgia chance. If….and big if….they win SEC no matter what happens in playoffs is gonna damper season. If they lose to LSU a little disappointed but still great year compared to a lot of other teams. At least we are contenders.

  • Who cares if LSU slipped down to 2? The number 1 ranking means absolutely nothing other than some sort of “bragging rights” and even then, who cares? Ever since the playoffs were introduced, the team that wound up ranked first in the final rankings before the semifinals has never won the title. So, I could care less where LSU is ranked. Just focus on winning out and that’s it.

    • probably not even though the Big 10 can feast on teams like NW rutgers and maryland it has a lot of good teams that the committee likes most importantly…they are still wary on michigan but they love penn state…controversial but i would say the Big 10 is the best conference this year

      • Hard to say since they just play each other and avoid big OOC games.

        • ok but the mid tier teams can beat the top teams in the conference (iowa over minn) showing depth and parity…would love to see marquee games OOC in the Big 10

      • The top 5 teams in the SEC this year are overall better than the top 5 in the Big 10. The Big 10 probably has the edge in the middle and bottom teams. After the top 5 teams the SEC is awful this year.

        • Question: They listed Michigan St. as a quality win for Ohio St. MSU is 5-6 and STILL not bowl eligible. I’m confused.

        • Yeah Idk what to tell you for that one. This is the worst team Michigan St has had in some time. Ohio St has several quality wins but that isn’t one of them.

        • IDK Cody, I think, as bad as Arky and Vandy are, I would take them over Rutgers and Maryland.

        • App.St. would beat most of the teams in the SEC this season.

        • Idk if App State would beat “most”, but they definitely could beat several. They’d beat Arkansas, Vandy, and SC, and probably Ole Miss, Miss St, and Missouri, and also possibly Kentucky and Tennessee.

    • No gator. Go back to your wasteland.

      • These vols fan are hilarious. Run outta space under your rock? I seriously hope you guys beat Vandy. We’ll get to hear all year about how UT will win the east next year. Just to be disappointed once again :)

        • Never went under the rock. But honestly I don’t see any bias flipping those two. I would say it will play itself out. If LSU wins the sec then they will send up number 1. Texas not being as good as expected hurts, but I would still think they will be number 1.

      • Osu beating Michigan and either wisc or Minnesota will keep LSU at 2. I think the committee would prefer an LSU Clemson semi.

  • Penn St was only in that OSU game cause OSU had 3 fumbles. That game was not as close as the score indicated. I think the Big10 is getting too much love. What do you think would happen is Minn played Auburn? Exactly.

    • Depends on where the game is played at. In Jordan-Hare Auburn wins big, on a neutral site it would be a toss-up.

    • I don’t totally disagree, but Penn State was their top challenge defensively as well so I think some of those mistakes can be chocked up to that. Also think that most of the rest of the top 6 are better defensively than Penn State.

  • Ohio State’s three turnover-well -ounded performance against a Penn State team playing without their starting QB, starting center and a hobbled star WR, should not really move the needle much. Dumb move.

  • There are some really good teams in the Top 8. I’d still like to see an 8-team playoff – 5 conference champions and 3 at-larges.

    • Agreed. Especially with the way this committee is deciding to rank teams.

    • I think if you are going to keep the Conference Championships relevant than this is the answer. As it sits, I think there is the potential that teams are being punished with an extra playoff game while some teams that don’t make it to the games are given what amounts to a BYE (This is how I’d see it if Bama got in over Oklahoma or Utah)

      If LSU wins out, what do they have to prove. I’d rather see them go straight to the playoff and make UGA and Bama play the extra game.

  • I just asked this on another post, but, can anyone show the secons, third string stats (offensive and defensive time of play, points allowed, points scored, etc.) for the teams in the top 25 CFP?
    It is easy to crush a team when you have your starters out the majority of the ballgame. I get LSU has allowed a lot of points vs some teams, but, who did they play the week before as well? This “eye test” is getting more and more subjective & I’m not even a LSU fan, I’m a UGA fan.

    • I think if you look at the second half stats vs first half for teams like OSU, LSU, and other teams that can put teams away (As a fellow UGA fan, this ain’t exactly something we see week to week) you should get your answer.

      If you look at the few times they have been required to play a full game, Ohio State looks to be stronger defensively than LSU. UGA is stout, but then again, you score 20 points and you beat them so we will see.

      • @kirkm1976. I hear what you’re saying, but it is the who is playing the second half vs the teams scoring multiple points in the second half? Same goes for scoring – who stays in the game and who doesn’t? I am asking specifically because the CFP Committee has stated that OSU has a better record (i.e. have had a higher offense to defense score) if LSU is letting 2 and 3 string in during the second half and OSU is not, how does that make sense?

        This is not a question to you specifically, of course, I’m just confused since everyone stated after the BCS era, it would not longer be about running up the score.

  • Baylor has not beat a single ranked team and is ranked ahead of Florida?

    Penn State lost to 1 top 10 team and lost to another low-ranked team; Florida lot to 2 top 10 teams. And Penn State is ranked higher than Florida?

    More anti-SEC bias.

    • And the BIG10 says there is a SEC BIAS.
      The 2017 season BIG10 complained that 2 SEC teams should not have been in the CFP, because it “set a bad precedent” and, Bama was not even in the conference championship. the amnesia from the year before, when Ohio State got into the CFP without winning the championship was long forgotten.