A high school football game near Columbus, Ohio turned ugly on Friday night after the second of two brawls included a line judge being kicked and stomped, and he was later taken by ambulance with apparent head and neck injuries.

Police entered the fray, and the game was called immediately, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The City League South game was given to Walnut Ridge, who had a 33-6 win at Marion-Franklin.

With 45 seconds remaining in the third quarter, Marion-Franklin’s Jesse Johnson caught a short pass from quarterback Jeramiah Tucker and was tackled on his sideline. Johnson came up swinging and a fight — the second of the quarter — ensued. Line judge Mike Kreemer was kicked and stomped during the episode and was transported by ambulance out of the stadium with apparent head and neck injuries.

“It’s just unfortunate to see a good game marred by behavior like this,” Walnut Ridge coach Byron Mattox said. “I can’t say too much about what happened, but Marion-Franklin just didn’t control their sideline and this sort of thing happened. I just hope the official is OK. This is just a terrible finish to a game. I’ve never seen anything happen like this.”

Marion-Franklin players and coaches left the field immediately after the incident and police came on to the scene.

A first melee happened midway through the third quarter after a 25-yard pass led to a player being tackled late out of bounds. After several minutes of chaos, a personal foul and three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were called. Although it appeared that two players threw punches, neither was ejected.

“That’s where the problems started,” Mattox said. “Nothing was done then and things only got worse.”