In prime product placement for a political race involving a former SEC head coach, Doug Jones, a Democrat, aired an ad during halftime of the Texas A&M-Alabama game on the “SEC on CBS.”

In the ad, Tommy Tuberville, a Republican running for U.S. Senate against Jones, is portrayed as a “quitter” from several of his former college football coaching positions.

“It’s not just that he’s a quitter, it’s how he quits,” the narrator says, and added that he got a $5 million buyout from Auburn.

Tuberville, meanwhile, has made his support for President Donald Trump a centerpiece of his campaign.

On Sept. 11, Jones said at a news conference, “My opponent, who I call Coach Clueless, indicated he doesn’t watch the news so he didn’t know anything about it, which I believe is just a way to avoid the media’s questions,” Jones said, per the Associated Press.

The Tuberville campaign responded by saying it was it was highly inappropriate for Jones to hold “a negative attack news conference” on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

There’s no doubt that Alabama and Auburn fans will watch this race closely in the closing weeks of the campaign.