A popular ESPN personality, Katie Nolan, announced on Wednesday that she is no longer with the company.

It ends what was about a four-year run, as the most recent episode of her podcast, “Sports?,” was posted on Friday. Nolan also appeared on the “Highly Questionable” finale on Sept. 10th, per Awful Announcing.

In some follow-up tweets, Nolan explained, “This year of slowing down has affected me on a cellular level. If you listen to the podcast this isn’t news to you. What’s next for me is to figure out how/where/when this new me can use the skills the old me acquired to make the stuff I think needs making. And maybe a vacation?”

The news is not shocking to those who follow Nolan’s career, or ESPN moves.

“Always Late,” Nolan’s late night show, was cancelled last year. Last year, Nolan also shared she had signed a new contract with ESPN just before Ashley Braband, her former podcast cohost and producer, was a part of ESPN’s November layoffs.