The reward for making it through college football’s 12-game regular season with six or more wins is another game or two. Unfortunately, it’s a game against either your conference’s best or second-best team or an evenly matched bowl opponent.

Today, we look at how each SEC coach has fared once they’ve made it through the regular season gauntlet and into the postseason. We are only considering postseason games as a head coach; many of the SEC’s head coaches were coordinators on successful teams, part of the reason they got their jobs in the first place.

It’s no surprise that Steve Spurrier leads the pack in postseason appearances, with 29 combined bowl and conference title games. He’s posted a strong record in those games, too, at 16-13 overall. Nick Saban is next on the list, but there’s a disparity between his bowl performance and his SEC championship game prowess. Saban has lost just one of the six conference title games he’s made it to, while he’s sitting at .500 in his bowl appearances.

Nick Saban, Alabama: 16 bowls, 8-8 record (0-3 at Michigan State, 3-2 at LSU, 5-3 at Alabama); 6 conference title games, 5-1 record (2-0 at LSU, 3-1 at Alabama)

Bret Bielema, Arkansas: 7 bowls, 3-4 record (2-4 at Wisconsin, 1-0 at Arkansas); 2 conference title game, 2-0 record (all at Wisconsin)

Gus Malzahn, Auburn: 3 bowls, 1-1 record (all at Auburn, did not coach 2012 Bowl at Arkansas State); 2 conference title games, 2-0 record (1-0 at Arkansas State, 1-0 at Auburn)

Jim McElwain, Florida: 2 bowls, 1-0 record (all at Colorado State, did not coach in 2014 Las Vegas Bowl)

Mark Richt, Georgia: 14 bowls, 9-5 record (all at Georgia); 5 conference title games, 2-3 record (all at Georgia)

Mark Stoops, Kentucky: No postseason games

Les Miles, LSU: 13 bowls, 7-6 record (1-2 at Oklahoma State, 6-4 at LSU); 3 conference title games, 2-1 record (all at LSU)

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State: 5 bowls, 3-2 record (all at Mississippi State)

Gary Pinkel, Missouri: 11 bowls, 7-4 record (1-0 at Toledo, 6-4 at Missouri); 4 conference title games, 0-4 record (0-2 in Big 12, 0-2 in SEC, all at Missouri)

Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss: 3 bowls, 2-1 record (all at Ole Miss)

Steve Spurrier, South Carolina: 21 bowls, 11-10 record (0-1 at Duke, 6-5 at Florida, 5-4 at South Carolina); 8 conference title games, 5-3 record (5-2 at Florida, 0-1 at South Carolina)

Butch Jones, Tennessee: 4 bowls, 2-2 record (0-2 at Central Michigan, 1-0 at Cincinnati, 1-0 at Tennessee); 2 conference title games, 2-0 record (both at Central Michigan)

Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M: 5 bowls, 4-1 record (1-1 at Houston, 3-0 at Texas A&M); 2 conference title games, 0-2 record (both at Houston)

Derek Mason, Vanderbilt: No postseason games