SEC football is just around the corner and the latest sign of that fact can be found with Week 1 college football predictions popping up all over the place.

The latest predictions that we would like to share come via Ed Feng’s analytics, known better as The Power Rank. If you are unfamiliar with The Power Rank, the analytic metrics used have accurately predicted the winners of college football games from the 2015 season to the 2017 season 73.7 percent of the time — with an overall record of 1679-598. That number is even more impressive when you factor in that The Power Rank does not pick FBS games against FCS competition.

Here is how The Power Rank predicts the Week 1 action to play out in the SEC between FBS competition:

  • Vanderbilt will beat Middle Tennessee by 0.6 at home. The Commodores have a 52 percent chance of winning.
  • West Virginia will beat Tennessee by 8.0 on a neutral field. The Volunteers have a 28 percent chance of winning.
  • Kentucky will beat Central Michigan by 12.9 at home. The Wildcats have an 82 percent chance of winning.
  • South Carolina will beat Coastal Carolina by 21.7 at home. The Gamecocks have a 93 percent chance of winning.
  • Alabama will beat Louisville by 12.5 on a neutral field. The Tide have an 82 percent chance of winning.
  • Miami will beat LSU by 2.5 on a neutral field. The Tigers have a 43 percent chance of winning.
  • Ole Miss will beat Texas Tech by 0.4 on a neutral field. The Rebels have a 51 percent chance of winning.
  • Auburn will beat Washington by 5.8 on a neutral field. The Tigers have a 67 percent chance of winning.