When it comes to the fine art of prediction, everybody has their crazy picks. Georgia losing 2 games? Arkansas going 0-10? Must’ve been somebody else … or at least, somebody picking before SEC Week 2. As is our tradition, we’ll check back in now, and tell you how your favorite team will end this crazy 2020 season.

Alabama: 10-0

The home game with Georgia might be the only real challenge the Tide face. Until somebody plays a competitive game with them, it’s hard to not pick them to run the table.

Arkansas: 2-8

Big-time victory for the Razorbacks. Given how average Mizzou is, how bad Ole Miss plays defense, and how ugly the season has been for A&M or LSU, there could be some more meat on the bone here. We’ve predicting 2-8, but 3-7 would not be shocking at all.

Auburn: 6-4

Their games against the Mississippi schools could well get the Gus Bus onto the shoulder of the road. There’s a good team here, but if they can’t find it soon, it’ll be a rough season.

Florida: 9-1

Florida seems like a well-honed offensive squad, capable of even running the table with the right bounces. That said, it’s hard to pick anybody who isn’t Alabama to actually run the table.

Georgia: 9-1

See above. Georgia has to go to Alabama. The Cocktail Party looks like it will certainly decide the East, and it might decide a CFP spot as well.

Kentucky: 3-7

If they lose to Mississippi State on Saturday, Kentucky is looking at a long, long season. That said, the rest of the East is very much clumped together after UT, so a win Saturday could still lead Kentucky to a .500 season.

LSU: 7-3

If you shake the Cracker Jack box that is the SEC West outside Alabama, LSU feels like it has to end up somewhere near the top of the box. Did they clean up that much from Week 1 or was Vandy just that bad?

Mississippi State: 5-5

OK, so we overreacted. They’re still going to be fun to watch. They’ll probably beat somebody else that they shouldn’t (A&M?). But they could well also lose to somebody else they shouldn’t lose to — like maybe Kentucky next week.

Missouri: 2-8

Vandy looks like a win, but after that, it’s probably ambitious to project more than another victory. Not that the lower half of the East is exactly dangerous, but the Tigers are struggling.

Ole Miss: 4-6

Nice win, but it’s still hard to imagine this team being too wildly successful if it doesn’t learn to play some defense. The Rebels have shown incredibly vulnerability to both the pass and the run, and given the division they play in, they could reach the mark above, or they could go 2-8.

South Carolina: 3-7

Carolina hasn’t played badly … but there’s just not a ton of games on the schedule that look like wins.

Tennessee: 6-4

The clear No. 3 in the East, UT looks likely to post a winning season at this point. Who knows, 7-3 could even be plausible.

Texas A&M: 5-5

The Aggies could well end up, say, 7-3. Or 4-6. They slide right into the middle of the pack in the West, and until somebody from that group does something to stand out, it’s hard to not just stick them all more or less together.

Vanderbilt: 0-10

Rough week, rough season, with Arkansas picking up a win, Vandy looks like the most likely winless squad out there … but they could well trip up somebody like Kentucky or Mizzou.